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Cottage Insurance Information

Most of our clients thankfully do take out holiday insurance to cover those unforeseen problems that can arise.
Those clients who are considering this issue we strongly advise that whatever the type or length of holiday you are taking in the UK
and to have peace of mind that you do take out holiday insurance.
To be of help to you we are willing to offer a £20 discount towards your holiday insurance scheme.
Should you be willing to personally fully insure you trip for the week(s) that you have reserved for the full cost of your holiday
to our Broadway Cottages, that you can confirm that you are fully
insured for all eventualities with your named company insurance scheme for the full amount that you have contractually agreed to, then we are willing to offer a £20 discount towards your holiday insurance scheme.
As with any UK break or holiday please be aware that if you do not insure you would be liable for the full amount for the period
with whoever the Company or individual that you make the reservation with.

You may already have your own holiday insurance but if not here is a link below to Money Supermarket & Compare The Market
for further information and to offer which insurance company you feel suits your requirements.

What is travel insurance

A decent travel insurance policy is a sensible thing to buy for any holiday or overseas trip. If you’re injured whilst away, travel insurance can cover your medical expenses and any repatriation if it’s a serious injury. If your trip needs to be cancelled for some unforeseen reason, such as the illness or death of a close family member, then travel insurance may cover any monetary loss. And if your baggage or belongings are damaged or lost, then travel insurance could compensate you up to a set limit.

How much is travel insurance

Travel insurance doesn’t have to cost the earth: policies start from as low as £4.62 for a personal single trip cover, or £12.12 for annual cover.
How much your travel insurance policy costs depends on what sort of cover you opt for and how long the policy covers you for. Travel insurance quotes will also take into account if your policy is personal or if you are travelling with a partner or your family

How does travel insurance work

It’s advisable to purchase travel insurance the moment you book your trip, because without it you risk not being covered in the event of something disrupting your holiday.

For example, if an illness or weather disruption affected your trip, you would not be able to claim for any damages or refunds if you haven’t already bought insurance.

Travel insurance covers you after the event, which means that you will normally need to pay for any costs upfront and then make a claim to the insurance company, much like any other type of insurance. You will need to keep any documentation for this reason, hospital bills for example, as otherwise your claim may be refuted.

You should always read the small print to know exactly what you are getting and what you are covered for. Some policies might not cover everything you need, so double check before you depart.

Should I need travel insurance for the UK.

You still need travel insurance if you’re staying in the UK for your next holiday (staycation). Although the NHS will cover the cost of any medical treatment, travel insurance can pay to transfer you to a hospital closer to home. Travel insurance will also bring you or a family member home if you have missed your flights, trains, coach or your family have to drive home separately.

Travel insurance for the UK also covers you against the risk of holiday cancellation, baggage loss, losing spare cash and anything happening to your mobile phone and other gadgets while you’re away from home.

Do I need travel insurance for the UK.

Travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but it can provide peace of mind for your holiday so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip. This is because travel insurance can offer useful coverage for things like cancelled flights and accommodation from before you even leave the country.

Travel insurance also offers medical treatment coverage, which can be helpful in countries like the USA and Canada where treatment costs can reach the thousands. You’ll even have the option to cover your personal possessions and belongings, so if you lose your phone or passport you’ll be able to claim for any resulting costs.

Without a good travel insurance policy, you’d have to pay out of pocket, which could put a damper on your holiday plans.

What is annual multi-trip travel insurance?

Designed specifically with frequent travellers in mind, annual multi-trip insurance cheaply covers people who travel for holiday or business reasons three or more times per year.

Instead of buying separate insurance each time you set off, you take out multi-trip insurance to cover every trip you make during a 12-month period.

The cover you get with multi-trip insurance is the same as single-trip insurance, but it costs a little more as it applies to every holiday you take in a year – making it most useful to people who travel frequently.

Get a good travel insurance deal

You can get a travel insurance policy from as little as £4.62*. This is a small price to pay for cover that could potentially save you money, as well as giving you peace of mind that you're covered for those unexpected situations
Type of policy
If you’re only planning to travel once or twice annually, single-trip cover might be for you, but if you’re going away any more, you might benefit from an annual multi-trip policy.

From a solicitors website. This was not with us but with another holiday booking company but it highlights when something can go wrong.

I have booked a holiday via an Internet site - 1 week in the middle of April, and I have realised that the school Easter holiday break has changed. Unfortunately the cottage is booked at the Easter period, so I have asked if I can transfer my booking to a different cottage.
The company has advised that I can't and I am liable to pay the full amount of the holiday in April unless someone else books it.

What are my rights? I thought we would lose the deposit, but not be liable to pay the full amount? Unless someone else books the holiday we will now have to foot the bill, and also end up with no Easter holiday unless we take the children out of school.

Unfortunately, this all depends on the terms and conditions in your holiday brochure. Because you are technically 'breaching the contract' by cancelling the holiday, for whatever reason, you are liable to pay the holiday company what's deemed to be 'reasonable compensation.' for their loss. It would be exactly the same if they had cancelled the holiday, they would be expected to pay you back the full cost of the holiday if you had already paid it up front.

If they manage to sell the holiday, then obviously this won't apply, because the holiday company hasn't lost anything. So it's reasonable for them to have a clause about re-selling in the contract. It's reasonable for you to ask them not to pursue any further requests for payment until they have tried to resell the holiday.
One other avenue you could pursue is claiming the cost of the cancellation back on your insurance policy, although to be fair, many policies are strict when it comes to paying out for cancellations, and might not treat a change of school holiday dates as a good enough reason to refund you. Check your policy, and if you're covered for this eventuality, it's probably your best avenue.